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Learn how to add Credit to your YesRef account

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With YesRef, you can add credit to your account, enabling access for one or more of your users to access, completely reducing the requirement to manage expenses claims from coaches and other members of your Organisation.

We offer two different options for adding Credit, select the option that's best for you:

Add Credit via Bank Transfer

First, go to your profile or select your initials in the top right corner, if you're on a desktop and click Manage my Profile.

Then, choose Manage my Club or Organisation

Then, choose Manage my Credit

From here, you'll be able to choose from a custom or pre-selected amount and add a Purchase Order Number, if required by your Organisation.

Once added, click the Add button and you'll be taken your bank for payment authorisation.

Add Credit via Invoice

First, go to the YesRef Helpdesk and open up the chatbox in bottom right corner of the page.

Choose Chat with us and select the option I'm an Organisation and need help

Then, enter your email address and select the option I would like to add more Credit

Then, click Create a ticket, you'll be able to enter a custom amount and add a Purchase Order Number, if required by your Organisation.

Then, click Create Ticket and one of our team will send you a corresponding invoice. Upon receipt of payment, we'll notify you when the monies will added to your account.

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