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YesRef features explained
YesRef features explained

Learn about YesRef's features for Sports Official Admin

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YesRef's Sports Official management solution

YesRef offers Cashless Payments, a Network of Sports Officials with Appointments and Availability - so you can keep your Sports Official admin quick, easy and in one place.

Cashless Payments

We collect and store Sports Officials bank details so you don't have to. Add your credit or pay directly, we'll provide you with invoices, receipts and reports, taking the hassle out of paying Sports Officials.

Sports Official Network

With over 10k Sports Officials part of the YesRef Network, we provide you with access to Qualified Sports Officials across 20 Sports. Affiliation, Safeguarding, DBS, Level and Age are all part of becoming an approved Sports Official on YesRef, and we share this with you each time you book a Sports Official.

Appointments & Availability

Dramatically reduce the time spent on Sports Official Appointments, invite Sports Officials to your Organisation and we'll provide you with a filtered list of Sports Officials to make Appointments taking into consideration; Availability, Affiliation, Safeguarding and more.

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