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Getting started with YesRef
What information is required to sign up?
What information is required to sign up?

Find out what you'll need to get registered

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Sports Organisations

As a Sports Organisation, you'll need to let us know who your Organisation Type is i.e. Club, Competition etc. confirmation of whether or not the Organisation is affiliated to the sport and provide proof that you belong to this Organisation.

Below are examples of proof we require, in essence, a document with your name your Organisation name:

  • Governing body affiliation screenshot

  • Proof of ownership i.e. companies house or similar

  • Utility bill with a matching name

In most cases your Organisation will already be available to choose from within YesRef but if it's not, you can select the option of creating a new organisation.

Here's a short video on signing up to YesRef as a Club:

Sports Officials

As a Sports Official, the information required to register with YesRef depends on how you're using YesRef. Here are the different reasons for using YesRef:

  • To be Appointed to games

  • To Find games to officiate

  • To be Paid for games

For payments, other than your basic information, we require your bank details.

For Appointments and Finding games, as a minimum you'll need proof that you're a Sports Official. For particular sports, we'll require confirmation that you are:

  • Qualified and affiliated to your sport

  • Completed Safeguarding training in the last 2-3 years

  • Completed a DBS check in the last 3 years

Here's a short video on signing up to YesRef as a Sports Official:

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